I Wanna Steal Your Wife is a fun massively multiplayer puzzle game where you break into other players houses to steal their wife, while trying to build up the defences in your house so that nobody steals yours.

The premise of the game is nice and silly, with you on a mission to become the best wife-stealer in the neighbourhood.  Gameplay is similar to The Castle Doctrinewith you breaking into others houses, trying to outsmart their traps and puzzles, making your way to either their safe to steal diamonds, or making your way to their wife to woo them with diamonds.

You also have to design your own house in such a way that will prevent would-be burglars/wife-stealers from making off with your stuff/wife.  There are a variety of traps, tricks and distractions at your disposal to do this, such as cats, dogs, pits and pressure pad switches.  You have to make your house as hard as possible, but you’ll have to complete it before you can save it, so you can’t just wall your wife in and make it impossible to reach her.

I Wanna Steal Your Wife is a silly game, but it’s also an intelligent one, there’s a lot of fun to be had from outwitting other players traps and planning your own devious house layout.  This game may not steal your wife, but it’s certainly capable of stealing your time.

Download the Beta, Free

Entire game where “wives” are objects to be stolen.

how are game developers still this obtuse. it’s embarrassing.

anyway watch out for a new episode of my gaming talk show Games Are Dumb And For Kids this friday

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ppl before E3: Who gives a shit about the wii u?

ppl now: im gonna fuck a wii u

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that Boston terrier who’s always wearing wacky costumes

his name is Buster Beans. there are many wacky six second clips of him with shoes on or whatever. everyone should know that this dog and his vine belong to confirmed rapist Curtis Lepore and should be reblogged a Shit Lot Less. i normally would let people separate the art from the artist but the guy is an unbelievable asshole and feeding his ego is a bad thing

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i am at a mental state right now where i actually don’t know if this is real or not

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Don’t know if we can look at Coke every the same way again. Be prepared to cringe when you watch the full video  here. 

sugar caramelizes when heated, more shocking news to follow

secret tip: the pure element coca cola is composed of, Black Bile, is one of 4 ingredients you need to make the philosophers’ stone

oh no you burnt molasses

"You may think houses are good to live in but look at them when they’re burned to the ground"

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a fun way to start the day is by getting a call from a robot pretending to be a human

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this really wouldn’t be hard to test for yourself

this really wouldn’t be hard to test for yourself

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i’m screaming and running around the house yelling “GRIM FANDAAANGOOOOOO” i’m so fuckin excited

i gave up long ago that this game was gonna get rereleased and now it is and i am quite content.

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Anonymous said: please reconsider your writer who wrote the bear and policewoman article. while i agree its mess, whats an ever bigger mess is the writing. its atrocious. someone handed some half drunk a keyboard and an article and they hammered out absolute bollock. please consider a revision at the very least, because i love this tumblr and dont want to see it crash.


Dear Anon,

The author in question has just been killed by the remaining staff members of this blog.

It seemed like hours.. but it couldn’t have been more than a few minutes. We stood over his lifeless body in shock at what had happened. No one wanted to say it, but we all knew what we had become. Killers. Monsters. Madmen. We took his life from him. If there was indeed a hell, it would surely be waiting for us now.

Something inside us had changed. Our insides had turned sour. 

With a slow, deliberate pace, we began to move. One by one we turned our backs to what we had done. We returned our desks and began to blog.



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