I’ve just released that this mod can be everything. Like, the whole game will turn into something very close to these modern fantasy novels where a regular guy from our world suddenly gets in a fantasy world somehow and finds out that only he can save it from the Great Ancient Evil™. That would give Skyrim a whole new interpretation and all, and like that it would be very interesting to play. I mean, for those people who like to actually roleplay in rpgs.

I prefer to think of it more as the most regular drumming man has been teleported to the elder scrolls universe and has no marketable skills besides drumming so he lives in the sewers and eats apples. true RP

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Anonymous said: Just here to point out that a lot of people who go to 4chan actively hate the reputation the site has and think /b/ is a cesspool of shit. I primarily hang out on /vr/ where all we do is talk about old video games and nothing else, and if you start acting like a retard, we call the moderators on you.


Seems like a pretty chill place for relaxing and saying “retard” in 2014

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I haven’t posted on Greet The Rifts in awhile, and that’s because this project is being integrated into Games Are Dumb And For Kids, a comedic gaming news talk show! The postings here will be few and far between, but I haven’t abandoned the project. I’ve just found a new outlet for my creativity and a new outlet to discuss gaming news. Check out the 4th of July special episode of GADAFK here!

we’re almost at 100 subscribers! so exciting.

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pazuz-u said: since Evangelion seems to be one Mega64's most talked about shows, what's your opinion on it? sorry if it's been asked before.


I don’t care about anime, pigman. I’ve seen the first episode because Rocco and Kevin came over to our house before they went with Garrett to an anime convention.

dude you can’t address the pig man like that

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a fun way to start the day is by getting a call from a robot pretending to be a human

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Look upon my Works, ye Mighty, and Subscribe

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it is a really big deal for me ok

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guys. guys. the vine of that dog with the boner is on the official screenshots for the vine app except the boner is photoshopped out.

guys. guys. the vine of that dog with the boner is on the official screenshots for the vine app except the boner is photoshopped out.

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I Wanna Steal Your Wife is a fun massively multiplayer puzzle game where you break into other players houses to steal their wife, while trying to build up the defences in your house so that nobody steals yours.

The premise of the game is nice and silly, with you on a mission to become the best wife-stealer in the neighbourhood.  Gameplay is similar to The Castle Doctrinewith you breaking into others houses, trying to outsmart their traps and puzzles, making your way to either their safe to steal diamonds, or making your way to their wife to woo them with diamonds.

You also have to design your own house in such a way that will prevent would-be burglars/wife-stealers from making off with your stuff/wife.  There are a variety of traps, tricks and distractions at your disposal to do this, such as cats, dogs, pits and pressure pad switches.  You have to make your house as hard as possible, but you’ll have to complete it before you can save it, so you can’t just wall your wife in and make it impossible to reach her.

I Wanna Steal Your Wife is a silly game, but it’s also an intelligent one, there’s a lot of fun to be had from outwitting other players traps and planning your own devious house layout.  This game may not steal your wife, but it’s certainly capable of stealing your time.

Download the Beta, Free

Entire game where “wives” are objects to be stolen.

how are game developers still this obtuse. it’s embarrassing.

anyway watch out for a new episode of my gaming talk show Games Are Dumb And For Kids this friday

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ppl before E3: Who gives a shit about the wii u?

ppl now: im gonna fuck a wii u

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